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The British Trust for Ornithology

Britains leading wild bird research organisation

The BTO - Britains leading wild bird research organisationSince 1933, the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has become one of the world’s leading authorities on wild birds. Through in depth, rigorous scientific research, the BTO continues to bring about a wider understanding and appreciation of bird species and their conservation. Within their vital work, the BTO has long acknowledged the importance of gardens as a habitat for wild birds, making their relationship with Gardman particularly appropriate.

Introducing a whole NEW look to the BTO brand 

BTO Feeder Seed and BTO Seed FeederSince 1995, sales of BTO endorsed Gardman products have raised over £1m towards scientific research in to wild bird conservation. This year, we are relaunching our BTO range with a brand new look designed to attract even more consumers and to help raise the next £1million donation.

As well as our great new look:-

• All BTO feed blends now include Nutrivian™, a nutritional supplement that provides birds with a well balanced diet and helps feed stay fresher for longer
• New feeders feature the unique FeedSafe antibacterial coating which improves hygiene and helps prevent the spread of disease
• New high quality stand up resealable pouches make filling feeders easier and helps feed to stay fresher for longer

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Any amount you can spare is much appreciated. All donations go towards helping to support the work of the BTO.

Wild Bird Feed

Our range has been carefully assembled to give our wild birds the very best quality foods to suit a wide range of species. It will help to improve their chances of survival during cold winter conditions, while summer feeding provides extra nutrition to help young birds survive through the first year of their life.

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Wild Bird Feeders

Our range of feeders have been carefully designed to give our wild birds easy and safe access to specific feeds.

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From our Colour Camera Nest Box to our range of Guides, there is something for everyone in our Accessories range.

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