New British Trust for Ornithology range launched by Gardman


Gardman is launching a new range of wild bird care products endorsed by the British Trust for Ornithology and which carry the BTO brand.  Research conducted by Gardman has showed that many consumers are keen on more sophisticated and bespoke products so they can more successfully attract different bird species and this new range has been created for these keen garden birders.


Gardman has been working with the BTO for 15 years and consumers purchasing BTO wild bird care products help the BTO to fund research into Britain’s wild bird populations.* 


Gardman already sells an existing BTO wild bird care range but believes there is an opportunity to improve and update it and as the BTO has recently changed its logo, it was timely to review the entire range.


The BTO is pleased to be a part of the new launch because the new range is an opportunity for the organisation to encourage people to become a member of the BTO and to get involved with its Garden BirdWatch scheme.


The products have two new key benefits.  The scientifically formulated seed mix has been fortified with Nutrivian, a blend of added seed, fruits, insects, oils, minerals, fats and honey. This combination of extra ingredients helps wild birds have a highly nutritious, well balanced diet. 


The feeders have added bacterial protection technology; the ‘Feedsafe’ stay-clean biocidal coating prevents the build up of harmful microbes and therefore helps prevent transmission of bird diseases.  The feeders also come apart easily for cleaning and are designed to be as attractive to as many species as possible.


Also included in the range are support materials such as books, leaflets and bird posters and in larger garden centres there is an interactive digital / DVD screen to help people identify birds and birdsong. 


Other product benefits include:  the feed comes in stay-fresh re-sealable stand up pouch packs in 1.5kg and 3kg sizes (with retail prices ranging from £3.99 to £12.49) and strong colour coding and high quality bird photography clearly defines the different product types.  The four seed blends have been formulated for different bird species: ground feeders and soft bill species such as blackbirds; table feeders, especially smaller species such as robins; clinging feeders such as finches and tits and an all purpose blend which attracts a wide range of species.  The feed range also includes suet blocks with added fruit, seeds and nuts and a new extra high energy super suet balls product which has a premium 33% beef suet content (from £2.79 to £4.99).


As well as incorporating the ‘Feedsafe’ stay-clean biocidal coating, the feeder range includes models for seeds, peanuts, fat snax and suet feasts, all of which easily come apart for cleaning (from £7.99 to £17.99).  They have improved detachable D-shape perches, designed to be suitable for the widest range of clinging and perching species.


The new range will also include a high quality colour camera nest box (£89.99) for the close observation of birds in addition to BTO Garden BirdWatch gift packs (£19.95), a book on Gardening for Birdwatchers (£4.99) and a BTO Nest Box Guide (£4.99).




For further information please contact:


Lorian Coutts

Telephone:  01243 781509 or 07920 223997


Gardman,, supplies 4,000 garden sundries and wild bird care products and it has an annual turnover of more than £80 million.   The Gardman stockist number is 01406 372227.


The BTO is an independent charitable research institute combining professional and citizen science aimed at using evidence of change in wildlife populations, particularly birds, to inform the public, opinion-formers and environmental policy- and decision-makers.


BTO contact:

Paul Stanicliffe

BTO Press Officer

01842 750050


*In August 2010, Gardman announced that it had raised £1million to fund the British Trust for Ornithology’s research and conservation programme and the total now stands at over £1,100,000.


Date:  June 2011